Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hate crimes and right wing talk shows

The ink is barely dry on the Democrats' hate crimes legislation when the first shot against freedom of speech is already being fired.

The "So we might see coalition" of Leftists and apostate churches has launched a petition calling on the FCC to investigate the connection between media "hate speech" and violence, specifically citing Rush Limbaugh as an example.

After Rush Limbaugh said something about illegal immigrants, some thugs apparently beat up two Mexican men. It doesn't matter that Rush Limbaugh never advocated or incited violence and in fact, the petition doesn't even say whether the thugs had even listened to Rush Limbaugh. It was apparently enough for the "So we might see coalition" that Rush Limbaugh is against illegal immigration so he must be the reason for the violence!

This is precisely the kind of thing that has been used in Canada and Australia to squash free speech and shut down intellectual opposition to Left wing agendas. The very idea that Rush Limbaugh or anyone else should come under government investigation simply for expressing his opinion on the air is fundamentally un-American!

The "So we might see coalition" is appropriately named because they are truly blind.


professor ed said...

The Left,especially the far Left, has been after Talk Radio for some time. When a return to the "fairness doctrine" did not work out, these "enlightened" folk went to plan B; hence the Hate Crimes legislation. Maybe, just maybe, the U.S. Supreme Court can address this mis-guided legislation.

Dennis said...

I agree. Let's just pray they can do it before Obama has a chance to make more appointments to the Court!