Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hate crimes against Muslims and Jews

A Muslim Jihadist slaughters innocent American soldiers at Fort Hood and apologists for Islam--including some from the highest levels of our own government--immediately started expressing concern for the imagined anti-Islamic backlash.

There is a pattern of hate crimes in this country but it is not against Muslims. The most recent FBI statistics show that it is against Jews! Of 1,732 anti-religious hate crimes, over 66% were against Jews (Now let's see....which group is known for its pervasive and often violent anti-Jewish bias?) while only 7.5% were against Muslims (and there is good reason to believe that this number is significantly inflated)!

There were even more hate crimes against Christians (8.7%) than against Muslims!

See the breakdown, along with a link to the FBI statistics, at Creeping Sharia.

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