Friday, October 09, 2009

Unprovoked U.S. missile attack

In a blatant and unprovoked act of shear military aggression and imperialism, the United States today attacked the moon in search of water. This is the first time in history that one planet has launched an unprovoked attack on another planet in this solar system.

No word yet on whether the United Nations will call for sanctions.

See the Associated Press for the real story.


St.Lee said...

Clearly this retaliatory strike was justified by the Moon's blatant meddling in the earth's ocean tides. Also, since the President had to have approved this strike, you must be a racist for calling it unprovoked. :-)

BTW, since I have never had the opportunity to correct a Professor before; the moon is not a planet.

Dennis said...

Meddling in the earth's ocean tides? Ahh, its all starting to make sense now. The ocean tides must have something to do with global warming so Obama's attack on the moon must be why the wise masters in my ancestral country (Norway) had the foresight to bestow the Nobel Peace Price on our President for his work with global warming!

Well, you have to admit, that makes about as much sense as it does to give Obama the Nobel Peace prize in the first place.

Any you are right about the moon. I stand corrected :-)

Kevin said...

Please please please tell me this was a biodegradable green probe... if it is not we probably just started global warming on the moon. The moon's ice caps are melting!

Also... St. Lee, don't buy into the discriminatory narrow-minded language used by the scientific establishment. If the moon wants to be a planet who are you or I to disagree with it. We shouldn't impose archaic solar roles on these objects.

professor ed said...

We may need to look into possible government controls if the price of green cheese spikes out of control. Maybe a salary cap on those employed in the transportation/production of this product may have to be inplemented.
And let us, by no means forget, what this may do to the sale of moon pies; especially in the southern U.S.