Friday, October 02, 2009

Unemployment now at 9.8%

President Obama promised that the stimulus package would cap the unemployment at 8.0%. Unfortunately, unemployment is still rising. Today it reached 9.8%, the highest in 26 years.
According to an Associated Press report, those who have given up looking for jobs or who have settled for part-time work were included, the actual unemployment rate would be 17%!

How high will it have to go before Democrats concede that the stimulus did not work as advertised?


professor ed said...

In addition to those who have given up looking as well as those who have accepted part-time work, let's not forget about those who, out of necessity, have become UNDER-employed. Folks with college degrees (and above) presently selling cars, waiting tables, etc. I wonder if we factor in this "under-employment" estimated figure, what would our grand total be them? But then let us not forget the majority of voters who elected a "community organizer" (who continues to learn on the job) to the most powerful elected positon in the world! Don't blame me, I voted for Palin and what's his name!

Dennis said...

I agree, and I voted for Palin too (Now what was that old guy's name again?)