Thursday, October 29, 2009

U.N. defamation of religions

Since 1999 Islamic nations have attempted to foist anti-blasphemy laws on the world in the guise of U.N. resolutions against the "defamation of religion." In Islamic nations like Pakistan anti-blasphemy laws have been used to imprison, torture and kill those who are charged (often without basis) with desecrating the Koran or blaspheming Muhammad.

It appears that Europe is rapidly getting on the anti-blasphemy bandwagon. I was, therefore, encouraged recently when Hillary Clinton came out in opposition of such Islamic efforts.

In America our Constitution is the supreme law of the land, second only to God. Neither the President, nor the Congress nor the Supreme Court have the legal authority to deliberately violate the Constitution. More precisely, not even the President of the United States has the authority to sign a treaty ceding our rights under the Constitution over to the U.N. or international law.

I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that hypothetically, if any President were to sign a treaty that would limit our freedom of speech or religion under international law, the President would have violated his oath of office.

In that case the American people would be responsible to elect Congresspeople whose number one priority would be to immediately begin impeachment proceedings with the goal of removing the President from office, nullifying the treaty and possibly even charging the President with treason for attempting to aid our enemies in undermining the Constitution of the United States.

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