Friday, October 02, 2009

Stimulating the economy

Many Americans think of the Democrats as the party of the people while the Republican are the party of big business. I wonder if most people have noticed that the vast amount of stimulus money went to very, very rich elites and very little went to average people unless it "trickled down."

It was Republicans, on the other hand, who proposed that instead of a trillion-dollar stimulus, maybe everyone should be freed from paying all taxes for about six months. That would have put money in everyone's pocket. That would have stimulated everyone's "economy" and may have lessened the number of foreclosures and repossessions to boot.

Even if people had chosen to pay off their debt or put the money in savings, that would have made more money available through banks to help individuals and businesses (and maybe saved a few banks from failing)!

But Democrats wanted a trillion dollars of your money give to their cronies and special interests and to consolidate their power! With today's news of 9.8% unemployment, they don't appear to have stimulated much of the economy.

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