Thursday, October 22, 2009

The re-funding of ACORN?

You remember the ACORN videos in which ACORN representatives were caught on tape supporting what they thought were illegal activities including the shipping of foreign children into the United States as sex slaves?

That was too much even for our Congresspeople, many of whom are heavily funded by ACORN, so Congress voted to cut off funding for ACORN.

But wait! According to Minnesota Congresswoman Miclele Bachmann that suspension of funding was only temporary. If Congress does not specifically include re-include language de-funding ACORN in a continuing resolution, ACORN could again be receiving your tax dollars as soon as November 1st! This is certainly a story to watch.

Michele points out that this doesn't need an act of Congress. President Obama could put an end to this right now by simply barring ACORN from federal funds!

Read the entire story at Townhall.

(The more I hear about Michele Bachmann, the more I'm beginning to think that Sarah Palin should be Michele's Vice President)!

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