Saturday, October 31, 2009

National Geographic and the big bang

I just finished watching a National Geographic special on the universe. It explains how it is meaningless to ask what happened before the big bang because all of matter, and even time and space, began with the big bang.

So we are supposed to believe that there was absolutely nothing, and then out of absolutely nothing came something--a LOT of something.

This may be philosophy or theology but I wouldn't call it science. Anyway, I don't doubt that it happened. I just don't have enough faith to believe that it happened all by itself.

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Evan said...

I agree. In fact -and this may be what you were saying- I think it takes more faith to believe in a big bang that came from nothing than a big bang resulting from a command from the Creator. There was nothing in our universe before the big bang but there was plenty of something in the Creators universe when He made ours. Maybe that is why the Bible said the earth was round way before man confirmed it. I enjoy your blog.