Saturday, October 10, 2009

Insurgents break into Pakistani army headquarters

I saw a TV news report this morning saying that gunmen dressed in Pakistani army uniforms broke into a Pakistani army headquarters and have taken hostages.


What I did not learn from TV, however, was that "lodged in the HQ compound is the secret department in charge of securing Pakistan's nuclear weapons."

I'm not yawning anymore. Something tells me these insurgents did not break into army headquarters for the military food (though I must say that I actually enjoyed military food).

The crisis is still going on as I write.

UPDATE: The Associated Press has more of the story (minus the nuke part)

UPDATE: As of 5:06pm EST it has been over 15 hours since this attack began and there is still a standoff. Pakistani commandos are ready to go in when they get the order. The building which the insurgents have taken is the Pakistani equivalent of our Pentagon.

UPDATE: From Associated Press/OneNews Now: "Pakistani commandos freed dozens of hostages seized by militants at the army's own headquarters Sunday, ending a deadly, 22-hour drama that embarrassed the nation's military as it plans a new offensive against al-Qaida and the Taliban."

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