Friday, October 16, 2009

Christian media and ACORN

Doug Giles wants to know where the Christian media was when two Christian kids cracked the ACORN nut? Giles writes,
Now . . . I get that the former MSM is the mouthpiece for the Amerika that embraces Eurosocialism and all its weirdness, but the question I have, as a goofy sinner who’s part of Christ’s church, is this: Who the heck is the Christian media in the tank for? Their reportage on this ACORN slop has been conspicuously inconspicuous.
Giles continues,

No doubt some program directors and GMs are getting in a hissy right now and are saying, “Our shows only focus on Jesus!” Try to tell me with a straight face that the Christ of the Bible would be disinterested in two of His young followers devastating an organization that is on film aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of 13-year-olds. Go ahead. I’ll wait. (Insert the sound of crickets chirping here.)

Here’s a new motto I have for your networks: “Don’t Report. Don’t Complain.”

Excellent article. Read it here.

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