Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boeing sneezes. Seattle catches cold.

Boeing has a significant economic impact on the Pacific Northwest. When I lived in Washington State there was a saying, "When Boeing sneezes, Seattle catches cold."

Unfortunately for the Pacific Northwest, between Washington State's high taxes, excessive regulations, "costly workers compensation system," etc. the Boeing Company has decided to "place its second 787 line in South Carolina" (Big Government).

Something tells me the Pacific Northwest is about to catch another cold.

That's what happens when liberals decide to stick it to these "evil corporations." The corporations can just pick up their toys and play somewhere else, resulting in a significant loss of jobs and revenue for the people left behind to pick up the pieces.

But hey, look at the bright side--Thanks to Washington States' liberal tax-and-regulate Democrats, South Carolina will gain all those jobs and money!

When politicians play these tax-and-regulate games at the national level, eventually the big corporations can just pick up their toys and play in other countries more favorable to business. Then all of us are left picking up the pieces.

Don't be too hard on the corporations. If they don't stay competitive, they go out of business and we lose all those jobs and revenue anyway. Blame the tax-and-regulate Democrats who drove them out.

It may sound like a good idea to "stick it" to those evil corporations, but ultimately, we are the ones who lose.

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Kevin said...

I encourage more businesses to move from the oppressive Northern States and their vassals in the west to the free and warm Southern States.