Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson: Rude but right

Representative Joe Wilson received a lot of flack when he called President Obama a liar during Obama's speech last night. One of my readers forwarded this article to me and made the following comment:
It appears that Joe Wilson might be rude but he was in some sense right. The bill Obama is supporting would allow for illegal immigrants to receive coverage. Now the politicians are scrambling to fix it. Seems either Obama lied or didn't know what was in the bill. Terrifying considering we're talking about Trillions of dollars in American tax dollars.
Hat tip: Kevin.


professor ed said...

I agree with the "...Rude but right" header. But need I remind folks that Democrats booed President Bush during parts of one of his State of the Union speeches. While maybe not of the same "intensity" of Congressman Wilson's outburst, the afore-mentioned booing certainly showed similiar disrespect in a formal situation.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't throw a shoe at the man. Maybe the Pres should apologize.