Monday, September 28, 2009

Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons?

I recently heard of someone who asked, "Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons since Israel has them?"

That's a little like asking, "Why shouldn't criminals have guns if law abiding citizens have them."

Iran is criminal nation. It has a long record of exporting violence and terror. It has repeatedly threatened the West with violence and Israel with extinction. Iran's proxies have continuously bombed Israel's innocent citizens and refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.

Israel, on the other hand, just want's to live in peace. If Muslim nations would recognize Israel's right to exist and stop all terrorist threats and attacks against Israel tomorrow, we would have peace in the Middle East. It is as simple as that.

Oh, wait. No, it is really not quite that simple. Muslim nations would still go to war against other Muslim nations and Muslim groups would still slaughter the "infidels" and blow up other Muslims in mosques. They've been doing it since Muhammad died.


snowlizard said...

the Americans and the British have created this crisis.

Iran's antipathy toward the West did not spontaneously generate out of the crazed rhetoric of radical mullahs. It has been spurred by what Iranians see as hypocrisy on the part of members of the world's nuclear community, and the bumbled meddling of the US and UK in Iranian affairs for more than a half century.

In 1953, Kermit Roosevelt led the CIA overthrow of Mohamed Mossadeq, Iran's democratic- ally elected prime minister. Responding to a populace that had grown restive under imperialist British influence, Mossadeq had plans to nationalise the vast oil fields of his country.

At the prompting of British intelligence, the CIA executed strategic bombings and political harassments of religious leaders, which became the foundation of Mossadeq's overthrow. Shah Reza Pahlevi, whose strings were pulled from Downing Street and Washington, became a brutal dictator who gave the multinational oil companies access to Iranian reserves. Over a quarter of a century later, the Iranian masses revolted, tossed out the Shah, and empowered the radical Ayatollah Khomeini.

On top of that Israel is the fifth-largest nuclear power on the planet with much of its delivery systems technology funded by US taxpayers. To complicate current diplomatic efforts, Israel, like Pakistan and India, has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty even as it insists in the international discourse that Iran be stopped from acquiring what Israel already has.

Dennis said...


No, it has not "been spurred by what Iranians see as hypocrisy..." The average Iranian has no say in the matter. Beside that, no one with a shred of sanity builds nuclear weapons and threatens their neighbors because of perceived hypocrisy.

Second, the current crisis is not just about Iran gaining nuclear weapons (when India, Pakistan, Israel, France, etc. got nuclear weapons it did not cause a world crisis).

The crisis is due to the fact that the ones getting the nuclear weapons have repeatedly threatened to wipe a democratic nation (Israel) off the face of the earth and to destroy the west.

The fact that Iran has for years actively funded efforts to slaughter innocent Jews leads many to believe their threats should be taken seriously.

If Iran were a responsible member of the world community, there would be no crisis.