Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stephen Boissoin: Free speech on trial

According to LifeSiteNews,
Last year Alberta pastor Stephen Boissoin was ordered by the Alberta Human Rights Commission to desist from expressing his views on homosexuality in any sort of public forum, and to pay complainant and homosexual activist Dr. Darren Lund $7,000 in damages. Today, however, he is in Alberta Court of the Queen's Bench, appealing the conviction of hate speech that resulted in the above penalties. That conviction was based upon a letter to the editor in the Red Deer Advocate, in which Boissoin expressed his opinion that homosexuality is immoral and dangerous, and called into question new gay-rights curricula permeating the province's educational system.
Pastor Boissoin has interacted with me on this blog before. Please pray for him and his defense attorney from the Alliance Defense Fund.

If you think it can't happen here, think again. This is exactly where Barack Obama is taking us, especially in light of the recent appointment of Chai Feldblum Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Ms. Feldblum is a law professor who once said that "When religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, I'm having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win"--this inspite of the fact that our Constitution specifically lists Freedom of Religion as one of our fundamental rights!

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