Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seniors be afraid, be very afraid

If you are a senior citizen, or if you have parents or grandparents who are senior citizens, or if you ever plan to be a senior citizen, you need to read this. This is what Senator John Kyle said about the Democrats health care proposals in a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt:
Senior citizens ought to be extraordinarily fearful of all three of these bills. They all cut Medicare by four or five hundred billion dollars. The two key way in which they cut Medicare will directly harm seniors’ care. About two hundred billion dollars is taken out of a Medicare insurance plan for seniors called Medicare Advantage. The CBO, according to one estimate, said that once the Medicare Advantage plans are dealt with as they are in these bills, there would be seven million seniors that even though they like their plans, wouldn’t be able to keep them. And that’s especially true in states with a lot of seniors like my state of Arizona. The second way it hurts seniors is that it allegedly cuts physician and hospital practices that cost too much money, and therefore effect savings. Well, the two things wrong with that are first of all, the savings don’t go back in Medicare, which as everybody knows, is a broke program financially. It goes to buy insurance for other people. But more important than that for seniors, what exactly are these services that are not needed that we’re paying for, for seniors, that they’re not going to get anymore? Seniors should be deathly afraid, and I use that phrase advisedly.

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