Saturday, September 26, 2009

Osama bin Laden's latest tape

A new tape has been released in which Osama bin Laden calls the politicians in Washington a "gang of criminals."

What? Hasn't he heard that the evil George Bush is now gone?

Hasn't he heard that Barack Obama is now President?

Hasn't he heard how Mr. Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?

Hasn't he heard how President Obama has apologized for all the evil we've done in the world?

Hasn't he heard how the President has snubbed our allies and appeased Muslim nations?

Hasn't he heard how we are distancing America from Israel?

Hasn't he heard President Obama's extended hand and unclenched fist speech?

Wasn't this supposed to make the world love us? Wasn't this supposed to help bring peace?

Naw, it was all a Leftist dream. Let's just hope they wake up before its too late.

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