Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama to address school children

Hugh Hewitt recently had an interview with author and historian Victor Davis Hanson about the government plan to have Barack Obama address all the nation's public school children. Hanson's response:
Well, I mean, this is what, all he has to do is put a red cover, and he’s in China, and a green cover, and he’s in Libya. This is what totalitarian societies do. They reach out to children in the schools who don’t have any choice. The teacher apparently can’t say you know what? I don’t want to do this, or a child can’t say I don’t want to read this, because it’s part of a mandated curriculum.
Perhaps the reason "statists" seem to oppose private education and homeschooling is because those children are not subject to government attempts to brainwash and manipulate our children, whether through presidential addresses or politically correct programs.

I can only imagine the liberal hysteria that would have followed any attempt by George Bush to do this.

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professor ed said...

Oh come on. Let's give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his soul (misspelling intended) is to explain to our nation's school children the advantages of using a teleprompter while speaking.