Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kucinich accuses the FBI

The FBI has arrested a terrorist suspect who was involved in plans to blow up targets in New York.

Moments ago Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich suggested that the FBI may have deliberately timed the release this story to influence the upcoming Congressional debates on the Patriot Act.

Congressman Kucinich did not have a shred of evidence to support his accusation. Congressman Kucinich should be told to "put up or shut up." If he can't produce evidence for his accusation, he needs to issue a public apology for his disgraceful accusations against the men and women of the FBI who are trying to keep us safe.


Laudvette said...

A typical response from the classic left wing wacko. You can always be sure he's bringing up the rear of any attack. Meaning, he's always got an opinion based on hindsight and the first to scream "why didn't anyone do anything?". He's always been this way and part of the CCC, Corrupt Cleveland Crew. He's another that should be in jail and isn't.

Fonda said...

Kucinich should be thanking the FBI for stopping the terrorists before the fact not after. You are right he sneaks up the rear behind the courage of those protecting us. I think you give him more credit then he deserves by calling him wacko.