Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A hate crime in southwest Illinois?

According to OneNewsNow, "A southwestern Illinois school superintendent says two black students who viciously attacked a white 17-year-old schoolmate on a school bus- which was caught on videotape- have been suspended."

I wonder why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren't using this case to preach about the evil of racism in America. My guess is that they--like one of my professors at the University of Missouri--think that racism only goes one way.

I also wonder if this will be charged as a hate crime? I doubt it. One of the problems with hate crimes laws is that they are very selectively applied.

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professor ed said...

I have always felt that both "hate crimes" and "hate speech" can only be subjectivly applied. This runs counter to our legal traditions (with the statue holding her balanced scales) of objectivity. Had this cruel act been reversed I am 100% certain that "the usual parties" would be screaming HATE CRIME from the rooftops. Unless we have a case of sado-masicism here, the guys doing the beating were NOT doing it out of love for their victim. What more proof do we need to charge the two perpatrators with a hate crime?