Saturday, September 26, 2009

G-20 protests and the anti-war movement

This morning on Fox and Friends, Mike Huckabee made an accusation I had never heard before but had suspected. He said the violent Leftist protesters at the G-20 summit at Pittsburgh were paid protesters who travel all over the world to protest for hire.

I would think this accusation should be investigated. I'm sure Pelosi's "most ethical Congress in history" will get right on it!

I always thought it was strange that all of the anti-war protests during the Bush administration have have not recurred during the Obama administration--especially in light of the facts that 1) American soldiers are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2) we are not pulling out of Iraq as Obama promised, and 3) we may even be expanding our war in Afghanistan!

It was also pointed out on the show that although the hundreds of thousands of people who showed up for the Tea Parties all over America have been peaceful, many on the Left charged them with the potential for violence, while at the same time pretty much ignoring the actual violence by the Leftist thugs in Pittsburgh.

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