Monday, September 14, 2009

Even more ACORN fraud

Even more ACORN fraud tapes are being released. Check out the latest ones from one of their New York offices on Hugh Hewitt's blog on which Duane Patterson comments:
Once is bad. Twice is a growing trend. Three times in three business days? Who are these ACORN people? Why are they getting millions of dollars from HUD, and scheduled to receive up to $8.5 billion in Stimulus money? And will the mainstream media finally report the news?
I suggest that the following actions be taken:

1. All government funding of ACORN needs to stop immediately.

2. All government ties with ACORN needs to stop immediately.

3. Congressional and justice department investigations of ACORN should be initiated.

4. If the fraud is confirmed, criminal charges should be filed and ACORN should have to pay back all tax money they have received.

5. President Obama--given his past ties with ACORN--needs to issue an unconditional condemnation of the group.

My guess is that if ACORN was a right-wing organization which had been associated with President Bush, the media and Pelosi's "most ethical Congress in history" would be all over this like flies on cowpies.

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