Thursday, September 17, 2009

The environment and Evangelicals

Nearly everyone these days is pro-environment. Even Evangelical Christians have even jumped on the bandwagon desperately canvasing the Bible to find support for their new environmental theology so they can be politically correct and fit in with the rest of the world. Lack of concern for the environment is a new-found Christian sin in some circles.

There is nothing wrong with concern for the environment, of course. The problem is that when voters support "environmentalists" they are often unwittingly supporting rabid mother-earth-above-all else radicals!

As a case in point, I'm watching a heart-breaking story on Hannity tonight that almost makes me physically ill. It is about thousands of people in the San Joaquin Valley in California (a place that used to be a fertile bread-basket) whose farms have been turned into a dust-bowl and whose livelihood has been literally stripped away from them by Environmentalists!

Environmentalists went to court and managed to get these farmers' irrigation cut off just to save some tiny fish which were getting into the irrigation lines! The unemployment in this area is now up to 40%! Just like in the Great Depression, people are standing daily in food lines just to get food for their families. All for the sake of some stupid little fish!

The problem is that so many people--even many self-professed Evangelical Christians--vote Democrat because they think Democrats are more environment friendly--but these voters don't seem to realize that they are really often lending their support to rabid earth-first radicals who would rather see human beings starve than to have their earth-first agendas hindered in any way.

Sometimes putting the environment first IS putting people first, for example when Erin Brokovich fought a big corporation that was killing people with ground water poisoning. But make no mistake about it. To put "earth-first" above the welfare of human beings is not Christian. It is anti-Christian and it is wicked. And many Evangelicals are supporting it when they vote Democrat.

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