Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The defense of Roman Palanski

I think we are beginning to see the depths of depravity to which some in Hollywood and the Left have descended when they actually defend Roman Polanski:
His victim, Samantha Gailey, told a grand jury that the director had plied her with champagne and drugs and taken nude pictures of her in a hot tub during a fashion shoot. Polanski then had sexual intercourse with her despite her resistance and requests to be taken home, she said.
She was 13 at the time!
The director originally faced charges including rape and sodomy but they were dismissed following plea bargaining and he admitted unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.
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professor ed said...

Whether it be superior legal assistance or medical coverage, the liberal elite of Hollywood demand, expect, and ultimately receive preferential treatment. Just because somebody looks and sounds good in front of a camera does not necessarily qualify them to speak coherently or rationally on a political, social, or economic issue.