Monday, September 21, 2009

Deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal

At a time when Iran may now have the ability to create nuclear weapons and when North Korea continues to work on long range missiles to deliver them to the U.S., the U.K. Gurdian is reporting that:
Barack Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country's arsenal, the Guardian can reveal.

Obama has rejected the Pentagon's first draft of the "nuclear posture review" as being too timid, and has called for a range of more far-reaching options consistent with his goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons altogether, according to European officials.
The Left seems to believe that if they cancel our anti-missile programs and disarm our nuclear arsenal the rest of the world will see our wonderful example and lay down their arms so we can all sit around the campfire and sing kumbaya!

Can they possibly be any more out of touch?


St.Lee said...

In the interest of streamlining the process, maybe rather than dismantling our nukes, the President could just distribute them to any third world nation who wants one.

Dennis said...

There we go. Kind of like a national yard sale. He could promote it as a way to strengthen the economy ;-)