Monday, September 21, 2009

Christians burned alive in Pakistan

In Pakistan recently seven Christians were burned alive over false allegations of Qur'an desecration. A Muslim columnist in Pakistan responded to the atrocity in a Pakistani paper:
"If Muslims in the West were treated as we treat non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan, there would be loud accusations of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination. And despite this widespread and rampant discrimination against our minorities, we have the gall to lecture the world about our peaceful values.

"One recurring theme in the media commentary about the Gojra tragedy is how Zia's blasphemy laws have encouraged the persecution of the minorities. Anybody with a grudge to settle or some property [he wants] to grab can swear he saw a non-Muslim desecrate the Koran. Inflaming a mob of bigots is an easy matter for the local mullah [cleric], who is often in on the scam."
You can read the entire article at MEMRI.

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