Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACORN sues film makers

The Washington Times is reporting that "ACORN on Wednesday sued the duo who shot hidden-camera videos that are damaging the organization's reputation and the Web site that aired them..."

It was ultimately not the film makers who damaged ACORN's reputation. It was ACORN employees who damaged ACORN's reputation!

An appropriate response by ACORN may have been to say, "We thank the film makers for bringing this terrible problem to light and will take every action to ensure that all such corruption is rooted out of our organization."

Instead, what ACORN has done is to say, in effect, "Your tax dollars have made us a very rich organization and we are going to demonstrate that we have the power to make those who cross us pay dearly!"

I think this lawsuit says more about ACORN than all four videos put together because it demonstrates that the problem is not just with a few employees. The problem reaches to the highest levels of ACORN.

And remember, this is the organization for which Barack Obama worked and was so proud.

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