Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ACORN: It was the fault of Fox News!

ACORN recently sent out a fund raising letter which says,
"We're used to attacks from Fox News and the Right Wing. They will stop at nothing--certainly not the truth--to take us down. Why? Because when the poor and powerless stay poor and powerless the rich and powerful get more rich and powerful."
Rich and powerful? Is she talking about those "rich and powerful" little girls that the ACORN worker thought she was helping some pimp to smuggle into the United States for prostitution? Is that how ACORN helps the poor?

The same mailing in which ACORN attacks the "rich and powerful"announces that someone has come forward who will match donations to ACORN dollar for dollar up to $20,000! Just to be clear, that's not a $20,000 donation. That is up to $20,000 for every person who donates up to $20,000. Potentially millions! ACORN apparently doesn't consider this rich and powerful.

I like what Ed Morrissey says about all this:
Yes, it was that dastardly Fox News that made Congress - including most of the Democrats on Capitol Hill — stop funding for ACORN. It had nothing to do with the fact that multiple ACORN offices felt comfortable in instructing self-described purveyors of child prostitution in how to evade taxes and detection. No, Fox News snaps its fingers, and Democrats do their bidding. Uh … sure. It’s not for nothing that I call Bertha Lewis the Baghdad Bob of ACORN.
If the videos didn't convince you that ACORN is evil and rotten to the core, this should. Please see Ed Morrissey's post for the full story.

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