Saturday, September 12, 2009

ACORN exposers to be prosecuted?

Recently ACORN employees were caught on an undercover video giving advice on how to defraud the government of taxes for illegal businesses like prostitution and "the use of 13-year old sex slaves from San Salvador."

You would think the ones who exposed these heinous ACORN crimes would be given a Pulitzer Prize or something. Not in Democrat-land. As it turns out, the "Baltimore City State's Attorney" who is a staunch Democrat and Obama supporter, is planning to prosecute those who exposed the crime!

The charge? Undercover videoing is illegal in Maryland. The problem with this is that apparently "two Baltimore media outlets used the same hidden camera technique to [go] after stories that ultimately won professional plaudits from journalism colleagues" and this same prosecutor did nothing. Apparently the prosecutor is selective in who she wants to prosecute.

Please read the entire story here and here.

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