Thursday, September 10, 2009

5,000 Hindus flee Muslim persecution

5,000 Pakistani Hindus flee to India to avoid rape and forced conversions at the hands of Muslims who--if the voices of Western political correctness are to be believed--don't understand their own religion.

In another story, members of "the Religion of Peace" (Islam) shot three Buddhist men and set one of them on fire in Thailand.

In Nigeria, 12 Christians, including 3 pastors, were recently beheaded by members of "the Religion of Peace."

While not always the case, whenever you find persecution of one religion against another, the chances are very high that "the Religion of Peace" is the perpetrator.

Isn't it interesting that when a small group of radical abortion activists committed violence against a few abortionists, many on the left vilify all of Evangelical Christianity--even equating Christians with terrorists--but when members of the Religion of peace rape, rob, imprison, enslave, torture and murder literally hundreds-of-thousands of people, the Left defends Islam!

Can the Left possibly be any more blind?

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