Friday, August 07, 2009

Reporting myself to the government

Since the government wants us to report our neighbors who spread "fishy" information about the Obama health care proposal, one of my regular readers suggests that we help the government out and inform on ourselves! (hat tip: St. Lee).

Excellent idea! I just sent the following e-mail to

To whom it may concern:

I'd like to report someone.

He says the government that gave us the kind of healthcare available in some VA hospitals, and which has nearly bankrupted the social security system, simply cannot be trusted with our health care.

He says that although this was not the Obama administration's fault, administrations come and go but government corruption and ineptitude seems to remain.

It is therefore, impossible, he says, for anyone to honestly guarantee that some twenty-something's abortion or sex-change operation will not someday take
priority over a senior's hip replacement or heart operation.

He says that it is impossible to predict what a future adminstration will do with the power this adminstration intends to usurp.

The person I want to report is me.
I signed the e-mail with my real name and address. If you disagree with the Democrats' health care proposal, please let them know.

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Anonymous said...

You continue to inspired me. A new multitude of impassioned citizens are speaking out against the Obama regime's insatiable desire for power. We all need to flood the White House with personal snitchery.

I'll post my email to