Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Obama lied....

A big part of protecting freedom is to keep public officials accountable. Fortunately, in this day and age, when the mainline news media refuses to do this, bloggers and columnists will. John Hawkins provides a documented list of seven Obama lies. They include promises:
  • To excluded lobbyists from his administration.
  • To bring all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors
  • That non-emergency bills would be posted online for five days before he signed them.
  • That medicare would not be reduced
  • That the Recovery Act was intended to jolt the economy (when the jolt didn’t come, he said the Recovery Act was never intended to jolt the economy.
  • hat he would negotiate health care publically—even on CSPAN.
  • Not to raise taxes on the middle class

I’d like to add a few more:

  • To establish a new era of bi-partisanship. He lied.
  • To establish a new era of openness in government. He lied.
  • To veto earmarks. He lied.
  • To support Israel. He lied.
  • To be a post-racial President. He lied.
  • To end the war in Iraq. Code Pink is still waiting.
  • To close Gitmo. The far Left is still waiting.

President Obama has only been in office eight months! I’ll ask again, the question I asked during the campaign, why would anyone (on the Left or Right) believe anything this guy says?


professor ed said...

Ah, but as a famous (infamous?) Roman governor once said: "what is truth". We are talking here about a man who is still looking for a church to attend regularly in DC. We are talking, in the kindest words possible, about an opportunistic, eg-centric man who is a product of secularist influences. Remember that "secularists" ALWAYS see "truth" as relative. Don't blame me I voted, and proudly so, for McCain/Palin!

Dennis said...

professor ed,

I think you are exactly right... Secularists see truth and morality as relative; and secular Congresspersons usually see truth and morality as relative to what can get them the most votes or the most money :-(

I also voted for Sarah Palin and her running mate :-)