Thursday, August 06, 2009

More on White House informants

Michelle Malkin weighs in on the President's program to have Americans squeal on other Americans:
This week, President Obama's health care overlord, Nancy DeParle, launched a taxpayer-funded initiative to recruit an Internet Snitch Brigade that will combat "disinformation about health insurance reform."
Michelle than asks,
What will health care czar DeParle do with this information? Where will it be stored? Who has oversight of the czar's powers, budget and personnel? Concerned citizens, alas, will have a hard time tracking down the "Office of Health Care Reform" created by executive order in April. There is no central website for the office, no direct channel for transparency and no congressional accountability.
Read her column on Townhall.


St.Lee said...

I think it is important that each of us who are anti communist and pro U.S. Constitution write to the informant email address( and turn ourselves in as enemies of the state. Maybe if enough of us do, they will realize they don't have enough boxcars available to haul us to the gulag. I already did so.

Dennis said...

I love it!!! I'm going to post my response as a main post.