Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Let's kill the bill and kill the President"

"Let's kill the bill and kill the President."

No, that quote did not come from some radical right wing nut or even from a prominent right wing talk show host. It is what former Democratic National Committee chairman, Howard Dean said that conservatives want to do.

There are no conservatives who want to see our President dead. Anyone who wants to see our President dead is not Right wing or Left wing; conservative or liberal--they are just plain evil and/or severely mentally disturbed.

This kind of talk by a political leader like Howard Dead is way over the line of acceptable political discourse. Sadly, my guess is that not a single Democrat nor a single person in the main stream media will condemn Howard Dean's hate speech.

Afterthought: Shouldn't it be illegal to knowingly make groundless charges about people supposedly wanting to kill the President?

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