Friday, August 28, 2009

Holder's witch hunt against the CIA

Please take time to read Newt Gingrich's outstanding article, "President Obama should fire Attorney General Eric Holder." Here is an excerpt:

But here is the crucial fact for Holder: All of the allegations of unauthorized methods - all of them - have already been carefully evaluated by career prosecutors. These were legal officials who, unlike Holder, do not owe their jobs to any partisan political figure.

Impartial prosecutors evaluated 20 incidents of unauthorized activity and decided against taking legal action in all cases but one. In that one case, in which a contract employee attacked a terrorist detainee with a metal flashlight, the contractor was found guilty. His case was appealed and his conviction upheld.

In other words, justice was done.

I would add that if President Obama does not fire or at least call off AG Holder, then it will become hard to avoid the conclusion that Obama himself is behind Holder's political witch hunt.

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professor ed said...

Serious questions are beginning to surface about Obama's ability to lead. See, for example, Bill O'reilly's latest column:;jsessionid=98A982755886CB1445A41A2B95C7D836?pid=27117
On a recent weekly 6 p.m. fox news pannel discussion Juan Williams (National Public Radio) began to voice concerns as well. Also, I believe I am correct that the White House has yet to initiate ANY major legislation; with both the stimulus and bothe versions of healthcare originating in Congress. Is our President/former Community Organizer up to the job; I wonder?