Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christian girl faces possible death

According to the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission:
Rifqa Bary, a petite 17 year old cheerleader, fled from Ohio to Florida to escape her abusive Muslim family. She fled out of fear that she would be killed because she has become a Christian and she has good reasons.

Her father screamed at her that if she had Jesus in her heart, she was dead to him and he would kill her. Prior to that Rifqa had been repeatedly beaten by her family even to the point of losing vision in one eye.

Under Shariah law, the theo-political-legal program of Islam, “apostasy” is considered a capital offense. This is justified by a passage in Chapter 18 of the Quran that allows Muslims to murder wayward children, a practice now considered an “honor killing.”
Read the rest and learn how to help at CADC.

UPDATE: More information from International Christian Concern

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professor ed said...

I wonder how close to 18 years of age this 17 year old is? Maybe if she turned 18, while in Florida, she would be considered an adult. As an adult she could decide for herself what she wants to do. At the same time I feel her family should be investigated for some kind of "domestic abuse". But I will not hold my breath until this happens, as Muslim umbrella groups will claim their "culture" is being violated; or some such nonsense.