Thursday, August 13, 2009

A black, white supremacist

On his Facebook account, Dyron Hart made death a death threat against an African-American student and said he wanted to kill African-Americans because he was outraged at Barack Obama's election. Mr. Hart was, to all appearances, a dispicable white supremacist (CNN).

As it turns out, however, Dyron Hart was actually an African-American whose Facebook picture was of a Caucasian he had copied from a white supremacist website.

I suppose he was just trying to discredit white people in general and Obama opponents in particular.

What was that I was saying about Saul Alinsky tactics?

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professor ed said...

We currently have a president who spent a number of years in a radical church setting, listening to a VERY radical pastor condemn this country; along with many of its citizens. We also have a president who "socialized" (yes consider it a pun if your wish)with the radical left, for some time, prior to his assension to the presidency. Should we then be surprised when he, and his current entourage, use a little girl as a "plant" in a highly friendly townhall meeting? And should we be surprised when "A black, white supremacist" surfaces? I think not. "Surprised" is to weak a word; let's substitute "frightened" or "deeply concerned" or "downright angry".