Friday, July 03, 2009

The war in Afghanistan

Recliner Commentaries recently commented on the incresing military offensive in Afghanistan. In the news this morning: One General says we are currently in "one hell of a fight" with Taliban in Afghanistan right now. Earlier today a former CIA analyst said that our presence in Afghanistan will not be a short term engagement. He said we would have to be there for five to ten years!

This raises all kinds of questions. For example:

Where are all the anti-war protesters now and why aren't they hammering Barack Obama for not withdrawing our troops sooner, as they did with President Bush?

Why was it wrong for President Bush to go to war with a nation which everyone thought had WMD, but OK for Barack Obama to continue war with a nation which no one thinks has WMD?

Why was it wrong for a Republican President to wage war but OK for Democratic Presidents to wage war (I don't recall any major anti-war protests when Clinton bombed Iraq, invaded Somolia, or went to war in Bosnia either).

Could it be that the anti-war protests were orchestrated specifically as a political power-play to discredit the Bush administration?

If so--thanks to the gullibility of the American people--it worked and we now have a very naieve and inexperienced President trying to deal with some of the most serious crises in the nation's history.

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