Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sarah Palin for President?

I like Sarah Palin. I would have liked for her to be President. But if running for President is what she had in mind, it seems to me that she is like a runner who pulls out a gun and shoots herself in the foot.

I am certainly no political strategist, but can't imagine how her premature resignation as governor could possibly help her. One of her liabilities was that she didn't have a whole lot of executive experience. Resigning as governor does not help this. She also gives her enemies significant ammunition to say she's a quitter, can't handle the heat, or is just plain irrational.

Before I could vote for her now, she will have to prove herself and demonstrate how this apparently irrational move was strategically brilliant and well thought out. I can't imagine how she can do that.

Her resignation saddens me. I would have liked for her to be President.


professor ed said...

I agree. Her resignation pretty much removes her from considertion for the top job. Yes, she was brutally savaged by the liberal media and its fellow travelers. But, alas, conservative candidates/office holders have to live with fact of political life. I find it VERY interesting that open-minded, fair(?)organizations like the National Organization for Women NEVER came to her defense. Sarah, your feisty, non-Ivy league status will be greatly missed.

Jason said...

I've never been much of a Palin fan in all honesty. I voted for McCain because of McCain, but I will say that she was viciously treated by the press more so than most elected officials would ever be treated. I understand that as someone in the spotlight you have to be able to take the heat, but they basically tied her up and burned her at the stake. Something that not even Obama could withstand. I'm positive that if they went after ANY politician like they went after her that they would cave and probably want to resign just like she has.

I'm certain she doesn't want to go for the presidency now. She just wanted to save her family and her state the hassle of dealing with the wild press.