Saturday, July 25, 2009

Racism and the Harvard professor

On Fox and Friends this morning we learned that there was a black police officer on the scene during the confrontation with the Harvard professor. The black police officer stands by the white arresting officer and said that the Harvard professor was out of line.

Even liberal Geraldine Farraro said that the officers were doing exactly what they were required to do in this situation and if they had not checked on the Harvard professor's identity and he turned out to be a crook, the officers would have been in serious trouble. And yet, this Harvard professor is talking about how his entire career was based on bringing about racial reconciliation (yeah, right!) and that this will help him be more sensitive to the issues of racial profiling by police!

My guess is that his version of racial reconciliation is that all white people today are guilty of what some filthy-rich white people did with slaves over 150 years ago, and need to pay through endless affirmative action, apologies, groveling, self-flagellation, and maybe even through reparations. That's the Left's version of racial reconciliation!

If this Harvard professor is really as arrogant, racist and hypocritical as he appears to be, I hope the officer does file a defamation suit and that the tape of the altercation is released.

Meanwhile, President Obama has invited both of them to the White House. I suspect this is a disparate attempt by the Obama administration to keep this situation from exploding in the President's face more than it already has.

If the case went to trial and if 1) a black police officer said under oath that it was the Harvard professor's fault and 2) the tape was released proving that the Harvard professor was lying through his teeth by using the race card to slander a white officer--it wouldn't look good for our President whose knee jerk reaction was to assume that the police acted stupidly and who publically defamed some officers who were just doing their jobs.

Some people on the Left really don't seem to get it--or just refuse to believe that most of us in America really, honestly and truly don't care about someone's skin color any more than we care about their hair or eye color! But for many people on the Left, everything is about race so if there is an altercation between a white police officer and a black suspect, it must be about race. It couldn't possibly be that the suspect was being a jerk!

The Left then projects their own racism on the rest of us.

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professor ed said...

The "media" used to jump all over Dan Quayle, during his stint as Vice-President, whenever he made a mis-statement (rmember "potatoe"?). Well our current president, who continues to learn on the job, also makes some "questionable" remarks/actions (remember his bowing to the Arab King?). Some might even be inclined to observe we are now experiencing a black version of V-P Quayle!? The President's answer to the, now infamous, last question was at best ill-informed, and at worst stupid. Alas, because of his extreme arrogance (remember people clinging to their guns and religion) Obama is incapable of saying he is "sorry" for his ill-informed comment. Oh well, let us cut him some slack. He is, after all, learning on the job.