Friday, July 24, 2009

The President's prejudice

The President now admits that saying the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly was a poor choice of words (ya think)!

Even more disturbing than the President's choice of words, however, is the rationalization he gives for his poor choice of words.

President Obama has repeatedly made reference to the history of race relations in America as if that is an excuse for a black suspect to verbally abuse a white police officer.

That is like saying that a history of black crime in America somehow excuses a white police officer who harasses or detains a black person without reason.

You simply cannot generalize from history or statistics to assume that any particular person of any race must be suspect or guilty, but that is exactly what President Obama did. In a confrontation between a white police officer and a black suspect, President Obama assumed, without any evidence, that the white police officer must have acted stupidly and that the history of race relations justified the black suspect's resistence and verbal abuse.

This is prejudice and racism, and it is apparently so ingrained in the President that the more he tires to explain, the clearer it becomes that just doesn't get it.

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