Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Only 5% of the stimulus has been spent

When the stimulus package was first proposed, it was with the idea that we need to spend between $700 billion and a trillion dollars immediately or America's economy would go into a deep depression, if not a complete collapse. The crisis was portrayed as being so urgent that the stimlus bill was passed before anyone in Congress even read it!

Tonight on Hannity, Carl Rove pointed out that so far--eight months after the election of President Obama--only 5% of the stimulus has been spent!

I try to avoid conspiracy theories but something sounds seriously rotten about this. I mean, if we were really in such dire straights that almost a trillion dolars needed to be spent immediatly, why has only 5% been spent? Was only 5% needed to keep us out of a depression and if so, why was so much money robbed from the American people?

I think America has been hoodwinked by politicians using our money to buy support from their special interest groups in order to consolidate their own political power. If it were possible, I think the stimulus needs to be revoked and a "stop payment" so to speak, needs to be placed on any future stimulus spending.

Then--because Congress is the problem and would never investigate this--journalists need to conduct a serious investigation of what's going on. Don't hold your breath, though. Mainline journalists are in bed with the crooks.

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