Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama's broken promises

Tonight I came accross this blog on surviving the coming inflation. It lists broken promises by President Obama. They include:

President Obama promised to keep lobbyists out of government. "The administration is now full of former lobbyists..."

President Obama promised honesty in government but there are now "tax cheaters in the cabinet, one actually running the IRS and they are purposely overstating the significance of issues in order to sell their programs."

President Obama promised to "reach accros the aisle to Republicans' but "The stimulus bill was created by the most left wing factions for the House with no consideration and involvement by house Republicans."

President Obama promised open govenment but "The stimulus bill was done in closed rooms, with little communication tot he public as to what is actually in it; nobody read the final version."

President Obama promised transparency in government but "There has been no visible communication of what the stimulus bill his in it and what the bank bailout will have either."

President Obama promised to end earmarks but "The stimulus package" contains "the biggest compilation of earmarks/pork ever passed."

President Obama promised accountability in government but "We still don't know where the first bank bailout money went..."

President Obama promised economic growth.

Read the entire article.

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