Monday, July 06, 2009

None dare call it Treason

Is this the face of "Moderate Islam" in America? I certainly hope the FBI is all over this.


Jason said...

Ok if it said the fall of America or something like that then sure I could see the treason, but capitalism is something you can legitamatly be against. These things could mean anything....I mean if you saw an ad that said the fall of materialism and the rise of Chrisitianity would you think it was treason? Some people connect capitalism and things materialism.

Dennis said...

Jason, good point. On the other hand, neither you nor any other Christians were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans in Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc. and of course, the two attacks on the World Trade Centers.

Nor have you or any other Christians threatened to destroy Israel and the West.

Nor is it our religion's mission to convert the world to Islam...forcibly if necessary.

In that context, I would say that such a conference deserves to be watched pretty closely.