Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson and Peter King

What do you think of Congressman Peter King's comments on Michael Jackson and the media?


professor ed said...

Peter King's comments were in VERY POOR taste, because of the timing. Why could he not at least have waited until the late singer was in the ground! Yes, Jackson's personal behavior was "questionable" at best. Yes, his singing career was in need of a kick start. And yes, the electronic/hardcopy media is going through a frenzy of adulation boarding on possible sainthood. But again, the comments could, should have waited until after the singer was funeralized.

Jason said...

I think he points out the nature of our society as a whole that we are more interested in pop stars, fashion, glamor, and fame than we are in hard working people who fight for this nation every day. And this is proven by the fact in how much attention the media gives to pop stars like Michael Jackson. Besides his many, many, MANY vices, it still is interesting that he and even people like Anna Nicole (remember all that crazy media attention?) get when they die.