Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cash for clunkers program scrapped

The government is going to suspend its cash for clunkers program. As it turns out, the program was so popular that there may have been more people who turned in clunkers than the government can pay for--leaving dealers concerned that when the music (money) stops, they will be left holding the bag. One local news station reported tonight that there was only enough government cash-for-clunker money to pay for about 12 clunkers per dealership. Most dealerships have already taken in many more clunkers than that.

I wasn't opposed to the cash for clunkers program--if you're going to spend stimulus money anyway, that was--in my opinion--one of the good ways to spend it. It helped people buy new cars and helped get polluting gas guzzlers off the road.

But if a relatively small program like cash for clunkers didn't work out as the government expected, how can we be sure their much, much larger socialist health care takeover will work out as they advertise?


carstereis said...

The real reason the government suspended 'cash for clunkers.' I've spoken with several dealers concerning the cash for clunkers program and this video sums up the "cash for clunkers" suspension in great detail. Watch:

Dennis said...

To other readers: PLEASE read the link posted by carstereis and then imagine if this were your government health care program instead of the "cash for clunkers" program!