Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another stimulus?

The stimulus package is not working. Joe Biden admitted as much, giving the lame excuse that the economy was worse than the Obama administration realized (i.e. they were wrong).

Fox's Major Garrett recently asked President Obama about rumors of a second stimulus package. Obama said that he hasn't taken anything off the table.

As one pundit said this morning, if you give medicine to the patient and the patient doesn't respond or gets worse, you try something else. Not the Democrats. Art they trying to kill the patient?

Actually, I was shocked to learn that only about 10% of the stimulus money has been spent so far. I couldn't believe it! When the Bush administration first proposed this terrible stimulus idea we were told that the matter was so urgent that the entire U.S. economy might collapse without it. In fact, the matter was so urgent that no one in Congress even had time to read the bill!

Then the Democrats came to power and took Bush's stimulus disaster and put it on steroids! And now, over six months later we learn that only 10% has been spent and the government won't rule out another one!

Could they possibly be any more out of touch? We simply must vote Democrats and "moderate" Republicans out of office in 2010. The country depends on it.

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