Saturday, July 11, 2009

ALA censors Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, author of numerous excellent books as well as the fantastic website, Jihad Watch, was scheduled to be on a panel presenting the other side of a discussion on Islam. Then, under pressure from CAIR, the three other panelists canceled, but rather than inviting others to replace those who dropped out or allowing Robert Spencer to keep his time slot and present his views anyway, the ALA canceled Mr. Spencer's invitation!

For an organization like the ALA--which makes its crusade against censorship one of their foundational principles--to censor Robert Spencer is, quite frankly an outrageous hypocrisy!

If there is any integrity left in that organization, its members will rise up in protest and the ALA will re-invite Robert Spencer to speak, with or without opposing views.

By the way, I have read several of Robert Spencer's outstanding books and have been a long time reader of Jihad Watch. Most of the attacks you read about Robert Spencer are pure lies by people who just don't want you to know what he has to say.

Read the entire story at Jihad Watch.

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