Monday, June 15, 2009

President Obama on Iran

I just finished watching a press conference in which President Obama finally addressed the Iran issue.

He said it would be wrong for him to be silent" but he then gave a political song and dance in which he tried disparately to straddle the fence.

All he said in support of the protesters was that the world is watching and is inspired by their actions and that their voices should be heard and respected.

He did not condemn the Iranian tyrants for rigging the election, rather, he tried to walk the fence by saying only that he was "Deeply troubled by the violence." He qualified his comments saying that "We were not on the ground, we did not have observers there." True, but no serious expert on Iran doubts that this election was a sham.

By refusing to strongly support those who are courageously demanding free and fair elections, Mr. Obama is, by default, siding with the despotic, terrorist tyrants who oppress the people of Iran, seek to develop nuclear weapons, threaten Israel with extinction, and threaten the security of the West.


Jason said...

I think it's a bit of a logical stretch to say that if someone doesn't strongly oppose something they are siding with that "something". I think this is an Iranian problem that needs American support, but spouting off anger rhetoric doesn't seem like it would do any real good.

Plus, when has Obama ever shown signs of talking about the Axis of Evil? It's pretty characteristic of Obama to stay cool, calm, and almost obtuse to the situation.

Dennis said...


In most cases I would say you are probably right, but in this case, America's neutrality only helps the tyrants. I wasn't saying that was necessarily Obama's intention, but that is the reality. Our neutrality does not help the people of Iran.

My understanding is that even some European countries expressed stronger disapproval of the election sham than Obama did!

Reports I've heard from inside Iran are that the people are wondering why the West isn't supporting their cause.

One answer is that in the name of political correctness and "peace" our new administration coddles tyrants and ignores our friends.