Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playboy and the ALA

According to the American Library Association, "Christie Hefner will speak at the ALA Annual Conference’s Opening General Session, July 11." Until very recently, Christie Hefner was the chairperson and CEO of Playboy enterprises! Seems a bit of a strange choice for an organization that has so much to do with children's libraries.

The real strange thing, however, is the hundreds of Christian librarians who pay substantial fees to be a member of this organization which has fought so hard for pornography and against Evangelical Christians.

Christians will justify their waste of God's money by saying they can be "salt and light" in the ALA. In light of the ALA's choice for keynote speaker I have just one question: Hows that working out for you?


professor ed said...

If I didn't need to belong to ALA for job reasons (annual review/post-tenure review,etc) I would be out of this organization in a new york second. If I could belong to ACRL WITHOUT also belonging to ALA, I would be greatly pleased. I wonder if the National Organization for Women will be forced to picket ALA to show their displeasure over this choice. I won't hold my breath.

Dennis said...

Professor ed,

You work at a state university which uses tax dollars. I should have been more specific. My comments were directed toward my colleagues who work in Christian colleges and give money to the ALA--money that was donated to their colleges by people who intended the money to be used to further the Lord's work.

I know that these colleagues truly love the Lord and are genuinely sincere about their desire to be "salt and light." I guess each of them will have to judge for themselves whether their membership fee buys them more positive influence than the influence their membership fee buys for anti-Christian agendas.