Friday, June 05, 2009

The number of jobs saved

This morning on Fox and Friends, Karl Rove pointed out that the figure the Obama administration repeatedly throws out for the number of jobs "saved" by the stimulus is complete fiction, totally fabricated out of thin air.

Rove said that not only is this not a statistic the government keeps track of, but there is no way anyone could possibly determine or track of the number of jobs saved. When asked about the figure, the Obama administration was unable to say how they arrived at the number. Apparently, the Obama administration is just plain lying to us (what a shocker)!

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professor ed said...

This "unique" approach to educating the populace comes to us from the same folk who tell us that "40 million Americans without health care". When are we going to realize that the only time our presidency of the proletariet speaks the truth, is when it suits their aims and goals.